Passion Led Us Here

Well, 17 months of work is complete. Here at the Borrower Success Team, we’re so proud of what you’ve accomplished during this period of Chenoa support.


Before we go, however, here are a few final tips on working with a lender and staying on top of your homeownership game:


  1. Keep up on your payments – be sure to stay on-time through the life of your mortgage.

  2. Don’t make any significant purchases that are not a part of your budget.

  3. Keep your credit card balances low and if you need help paying them off, visit

  4. Maintain your home in order to maximize your potential sale value.

  5. Save, save, save!

  6. If you’ve been impacted by COVID-19 or had unexpected expenses, call us for assistance!

  7. Try to resolve any credit issues quickly because good credit is valuable.


While we’ll touch base next month, on behalf of all of us at Chenoa and Money Management International, it has been our honor and pleasure to serve you and support you on your homeownership journey. We are thrilled to see another community member as a successful homeowner and we look forward to staying connected through social media!


Thank you,


The Borrower Success Team

Borrower Success


South Jordan, UT 84095, USA