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Suburban Family Home

Loan Programs and Products

CBC Mortage Agency has multiple loan products and loan types, which have special requirements and guidelines. You may have FHA or Conventional Loan. For the first 36 months, you may have 1 or 2 monthly mortgage payments.

Based on the residence type, you may have Homeowner Association dues (HOA), property insurance, flood insurance, homeowner insurance and property taxes that are included as part of your mortgage payment or you may be paying them separately. 

Don’t worry though, The Borrower Success Team will be reaching out to you via phone this month!

To find out more about Chenoa Fund requirements and guidelines, please visit Frequently Asked Q&A section.

As always, The Borrower Success Team is here to assist! If you have any questions or missed our call, please contact us at 866-550-8099.

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