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Homeowner Survey

You have been making your mortgage payments on time.  You’re whipping your budget into shape and getting settled into your new life.  And you’ve avoided the common mistakes many first-time homebuyers make.


Along the way, you’ve learned a lot about being a homeowner, so now it’s time to pay it forward.  There are millions of new homebuyers each year and it’s time for you to share your experiences with them.

If you choose to share your story and submit a picture, please make sure to reference the Chenoa program and your experience. We love to hear clients brag about how the Chenoa program has helped them to buy their home. 

Send us a picture of you, your family -- in your favorite spot in your home, on the front porch or in the back yard – whatever represents HOME to you! 


Every household that submits an acceptable picture and testimonial, will receive a $50 gift card of your choice!

See the rules below for more details.


Here are six quick rules on picture submissions:

1. You will only receive the $50 gift card once.

2. Pictures are counted on a per-household basis.

3. You may select from the e-gift cards listed in the form below. It will be e-mailed to the address on file within 90 days.

4. Please upload only one picture.

5. You must have a valid loan with Chenoa.

6. Your picture should highlight you, your family and your home.

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