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Working from Home

Staying in Touch

We hope that you’re experiencing all the joys of owning a home, while feeling confident that you’re in control of your overall financial situation.


Great news, we will be reaching out this month via phone to provide you additional support and answer any questions or concerns. 


Useful tips from our homeowners:

  • Your credit report is an important measure of how you’re doing financial. If you have not done it yet, receive it for free at .

  • Now that you’ve owned your home for a year, you should review the last 12 months of maintenance costs and include periodic home expenses in your budget.

  • It’s important to build and maintain an emergency savings account. Should you have an unexpected expense or loss of income, having 3 month worth of expenses in your saving account will help. 

  • Reviewing what we covered, what you have learned and setting up steps  to accomplish your short term or long term goals. 

As always, if you have changes in your financial situation or have been impacted by COVID-19, we’re available to assist.


If you miss our call or have questions or concerns, please contact us at 866.550.8099.

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