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Start of Your Journey - Making Your 1st Payment!

Based on the loan product that you have, you may have two mortgage payments to make each month – one to your primary mortgage company and other to the CBC Mortgage Agency for your down payment assistance. 

Also, it is very common for your mortgage to be sold or transferred to a different servicer, during the first few months of homeownership.  This means you may get notices telling you to send payments to a new company or new address.


Don’t worry though - CBC Mortgage Agency will be sending you a letter with the loan product information and payment details. In addition, The Borrower Success team will be contacting you via phone as well. 

Please review your loan documents for payment information. For additional details on loan types, please visit Chenoa Fund.

If you missed our call or need any assistance, please contact The Borrower Success Team at 866.550.8099.  

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